A Rooster in the Henhouse šŸ“ šŸ“ scent ~ Leopard Wood Wick Candle

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Just the smell you want when your man comes to see you with fresh flowers and a smile. Our deep, sexy man candle will captivate you with a seductive blend of hay, musk, rose, and a touch of honey. Va-va-voom!

Modern and stylish - perfect to add to your home or office, or as a gift!Ā Ā 

The electroplated vessel is stunning both inside and outside.Ā 

ā€¢ Vessel dimensions =Ā 78mmW x 88mmH
ā€¢ 200 ml of Coconut Soy Wax + Premium Fragrance
ā€¢ Burn time: 30+ hours
ā€¢ Comes with a Dust Cover
ā€¢ Candles are created in small batches to ensure quality and consistency

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Fresh Hay, Tobacco Leaf
Middle: Honey, Iris, Rose
Base: Amber, Incense, Musk