Cinnamon Roll Candle šŸ˜‹

Cinnamon Roll Candle šŸ˜‹

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You know the feeling you get when you walk into a mall and the scent of Cinnabon lingers in the air? You would if you lived in Indiana. And you wouldn't leave empty-handed. This candle is not overbearing with cinnamon, it's there, but it's blended with a magical vanilla buttercream. The balance is šŸ’Æ

Imagine walking through your front door and being greeted by this amazing scent of this after a long day. I'll bet you get your cookbook out or look up a place to get some cinnamon rolls. šŸ˜‹


Hand poured in Toowoomba
Made with all natural coconut soy wax
Crackling wood wick
Custom blended fragrance
ļ»æ100 grams, 24+ burn time
Vessel measures 63mm x 76mm
1 candle nestled in a gift box